You CAN Run!

You CAN Run!

If I can, you CAN

Think you can't run? Think again...

I avoided running at school and I pretty much carried on that avoidance for most of my adult life. Then at the age of 47, I thought I would give it a go as a means to help me lose weight. It not only helped me to lose weight but also helped me to keep it off for the first time ever.

I used to get extremely anxious when I started to go to my local parkrun regularly but running has not only improved my health but its improved my confidence to the extent that I am now a parkrun Run Director and have set up my own running club.

I have supported hundreds of people to go from the couch to 5k and have used both c25k and None To Run but have settled on a hybrid of the two to get non-runners running. It works.  

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