6 weeks of tough love

Although I now specialise in nutrition for menopause, I know that there are lots of men and women out there who have many, many pounds to shift and find it impossible - I know as I used to be one of  them.

When your weight is so out of control that you can't stop stuffing unwanted food in your mouth despite knowing you shouldn't and really wishing you didn't, you need additional help. At this stage, your issue is about mindset. You don't need to know why chia seeds are good for you, you just need to get your over-eating under control - the fine tuning can come later.

FATnosis is a no nonsense hypnotherapy-based programme which gets your head in the right place. It is delivered one-to-one over 6 sessions. I can see you in my clinic in Sawtry, Cambridgeshire or we can connect via Skype or Zoom. This programme is not for everyone.  You need to be ready to dig deep, face up to some home truths and give a 100% as FATnosis is an excuse free zone. It gets results and can prepare you for long term weight loss but only if you are ready and willing to follow direction and be accountable to me and yourself.  If you are not putting in 100%, you will be removed from the programme and given a pro-rata refund. Don't be fooled by my smilie face, more than one of my clients has referred to me as The Smiling Assassin!

The cost for 6 weeks of me beasting you into shape is £595

Emma B

FATnosis client

Emma lost 17 pounds during her 6 week FATnosis programme. She went on to lose a total of  5 .5 stone and is now a weight loss consultant.