About me

About me....

In 2008 at 40 years old, I graduated after studying for my degree and went on to qualify as a Solicitor. I was so proud of everything I had achieved and should have been proud to show off my (below) graduation photo. But I wasn't. 

That day was not the first time I had looked at a photo and been disappointed. Since I was a teenager, I'd diet, lose weight, put it all back on plus a bit more and then do it all over again. It was a miserable cycle. Then, in 2015 I quit dieting, started running and not only lost over 5 stone but have maintained a good weight for me ever since. No more diets, no more searching for perfection and no more waiting to be a size 8. I had finally not only cracked the weight loss and fitness code but learnt that a healthy mind and body is far more important in menopause than size or weight.   

Wanting to help others achieve similar life changing results, I qualified as a weight loss hypnotherapist, an England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness and set up not only my own practice but an award winning Run Club initially aimed at non-runners. 

As menopause hit, a few pounds crept back on and so I spent a year studying and qualifying in nutrition and gaining a Royal Society of Public Health Award in Understanding Health Improvement to understand why this was happening. My research led me to develop Menovibrant where I now teach women about what happens to their bodies in menopause and how the right nutrition, exercise and mindset can help us feel healthier, fitter, confident and more vibrant. 

‚ÄčI love the results from my Menovibrant ladies who are seeing amazing results which go far beyond simple weight loss. I am loving life in my menopause and with my support, you can too!